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"Kopchenov" links are maximum apetizing snacks. Meat snacks are better than any existing snacks (crackers, drined seafood, etc.). "Kopchenov" snacks are made from natural meat and are tasty as summer sausage.

"Kopchenov" snacks are made without preservatives and have no genetically modified ingridients. This is approved by certificates. Russian products are subject of inspection and foreign products are not.

Beef snack

Meat snack with a unique taste and original simple yet handy package. Will satisfy hunger instantly, add powers and will get in a good mood. Only high quality beef is used in production of this snack, which is quality tested.

Horse-flesh snack

This meat snack must attract you by it's delicious taste. It is very popular, copious, delicious and will add you belief in yourself at any time of a day and night. And a taste of spicies and cognac will make you hilarious.

About "Absolut-Russ"

"Absolut-Russ", moscow company, distributing "Kopchenov" snacks. We are taking wery seriosly the choice of supplies. We recommend to taste our products to anyone, and we notice that our products can take a part of your weight-loosing diet.

Original receipt, new equipment from industry-leading german companies, quality assurance, qualified personnel and production management are parts of "Absolut-Russ" success story. Quality, what makes "Kopchenov" snacks different.

We propose convinient prices, beacuse of low production costs. We produce our products in Russia and our prices are custom-tax independable and has low dependance on transportation costs.

Don't waste your time, Taste!

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